5 Reasons For Consultants to Incorporate Now!

When you form a corporation you are creating a tax entity that is separate from your personal self, and separate from your personal assets. The corporate entity is like another person the IRS will tax in certain ways, and is also something that can be taken to court by someone pressing charges in a court [...]

203(K) Consultants and Lien Waivers

Think your title is clear when the Contractor leaves? Consider how the 203(k) Consultant looks at the project. Tracking lien waivers is one of the most important roles of the 203(k) Consultant – and yet most Borrowers aren’t aware of what this means, or how important it is. The 203(k) Consultant And The Monitored Loan. [...]

What to Look For in a Consultant

Here are some things to look for if you genuinely want value from a consultant, all of which you can test in a meeting or single reference. First is personal credibility. I don’t necessarily mean brand here, which in a way is lent credibility. I mean the credibility of the person or people actually doing the work. To [...]

Want To Maximize Trade Show ROI? Team With A Reputable Trade Show Consultant

Businesses working the marketing convention circuit do so in earnest pursuit of the many rewards this promotional forum provides. Few other advertorial platforms allow organizations in virtually every industry vertical to reap as many face to face opportunities. From increasing brand exposure and recognition, generating dialog with potential clients and rubbing elbows with the competitive [...]

What Your IT Consultants Don’t Want You to Know

Article 2 – The new duties of systems suppliers. Research on tens of thousands of new IT systems has shown that less than 30% are ever delivered on time, on budget and according to what was promised. A massive 73% cost more than twice their original budget AND take more than twice as long to [...]

Picking the Right Brand Consultancy Service for Your Business

Whether your business is a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, brand design is of utmost importance. At the very beginning you may feel that providing quality services and products is all that matters and that’s the reason most people don’t put in much thought when picking a name. However, as your business grows and prospers [...]

Is the Independent Computer Consultant Headed For Extinction?

The IT Support landscape is rapidly changing, with new, inexpensive tools being developed for proactive maintenance and remote support that allow support to be delivered faster and cheaper than ever before. Is this the beginning of the end of the Independent Computer Consultant? Or can he evolve to become the preferred option for cost-effective Small [...]

A brief history of the chef hat

The chef’s hat has a long and colorful history. It is believed that the first chef’s hats were worn by French chefs in the 17th century. These hats were made from cloth and had a tall, cylindrical shape. They served two purposes; they kept the heat out of the cooks’ faces, and they helped to [...]

Who is a chef consultant, and what do they do?

If you have ever wondered what a chef consultant does, you are not alone. This is a relatively new field, and there is still some confusion about what these professionals do. A chef consultant is someone who helps restaurants improve their food quality and menu offerings. They are not chefs per se, and don’t wear [...]

Best Practices in Outsourced Call Center Services

In this day and age, more and more businesses are leveraging Call Center Outsourcing services for managing customer care services. We have already mentioned in one of our blogs how Outsourced Call Center Services are cost-effective as well as time and resource savers for companies bent on making a successful mark. For excellent customer experience [...]